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With in a regular day theres always improvements you can make


Connect with other Canadian Merchants

Connecting you with the skills and talents of Canadian Artisans

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Find Unique Items for your shop!

Connect with artisans and suppliers from across the country

Merchants Row


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Shipping Management

You manage your own shipping policies or Choose our plan!

Merchants Only Area

Finally a place to list hard to move product !

Supplier Listings

All your  favorite brands Here for you  to review!

Easy Withdrawal System

Easily submit your withdrawal request and receive your pay through bank transfer, emt, or by cheque.

Manage Orders

You have the control to manage
your own orders

Coupon Control!

Make Your Own Coupons!


You control your own company profile

Pricing for the merchant site use. This is for the merchant site only and does not include the retail side on themarshallchronicles.com.


For your Savvy Consumer
  • 1 Picture Ad with link to your destination
  • 1 Main Store
  • 2 Individual Brand stores
  • Access to ongoing national contacts listing
  • Custom order Sheet/Contact Form
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Merchants Row
A Marshall Chronicles Project

Marketplace with Independent Stores

Promote your brand in a business to business environment.
Market your Brand to retailers
Create a resource for images
use this store as your b2b hub
Integration to Google docs Available
direct Contact options
Exclusive Access – Not open to the public


Dashboard For Each Seller


This allows easy management of product inventory,

– Sales
– Discounts
– Promotions
– Coupons


You’re in control!

Every merchant manages their own products and discounts they offer.

What’s more, create discount coupons for special sales!

Manage Your Orders!

Manage Orders

Each seller manages their own orders

mark orders as pending or processed

view the shipping and billing address and ship the products.

Easy Withdraw System

Easy Seller Withdraw System

Seller can make withdraw request to admin by their dashboard.

We set minimum a withdraw limit threshold,

And a “chill” time after each transaction to allow for returns or damaged goods

This allows protection for you and the buyer to ensure a satisfied customer!

Profile Completeness

Seller Profile Completeness

The Marshall Chronicles manage seller’s profile completeness bar

On sellers dashboard each seller can view his/her profile completeness percentage

See what’s left to do Including a seller verification via Facebook and Twitter!

Private Business to Business Space

Social Profile Setup

Sellers can manage their social profile from their dashboard settings.

They can set their social profile on the store.

All the major social media site links available!


Shipping Management for Each Seller

Each seller manages their products shipping costs from their shipping tab.

They can set global shipping for their store and override shipping rate from products.

Plus there will soon be a global site program offering excellent rates!